The FAN is a clinical tool and a meta-framework that provides a highly usable approach that is now used in 19 states in the USA and internationally in a variety of mental health, home visiting, medical, youth mentoring and other settings that serve children and families. The approach developed by Dr. Linda Gilkerson and colleagues in 2006 at the Erikson Institute, Chicago Illinoi,  is compatible with a variety of treatment and program models that promote relational health and attachment security.

The FAN approach stresses attunement that supports clinician/client connection, relationship, and collaboration. The FAN provides a compass and a variety of strategies that help clinicians create space for themselves and their clients to learn and try new ways to address relational concerns, build more self -awareness, and sturdier client/clinician alliances.

Research studies conducted by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago have found that the use of the FAN improved client outcomes and clinicians’ sense of efficacy.

Why FAN training? The FAN approach provides tools, strategies, as well as a mindfulness and somatic framework applicable  to many different kinds of settings and clients. Use of the FAN has been shown to increase clinicians skills and abilities to stay attuned and compassionate in difficult clinical situations.  The Training includes two days of introduction to the FAN and a complete level I training including theory, strategies and application and certification by the Erickson Institute.

Impact of FAN Training
Researchers at Chapin Hall at University of Chicago found that FAN trained home visitors:
o were more able to read parent’s cues
o focused more on the parent’s agenda
o spent more time in their visits on parenting
o shifted the focus from “Doing to” to “Doing with” families
o were calmer in distressing situations.
o demonstrated increased reflective capacity on the Practitioner Reflective
Practice Assessment Scales including increased:
• Self-regulation: (emotional breathing space, ability to hold
uncomfortable emotions, awareness of emotional climate);
• Collaboration: (inquiry and exploration, resists pressure to fix, attuned to
impact of words/actions);
• Process: (recognizes relationships influence change, attends to process;
• Authentic Attitude: (openness to information from client/supervisor,
curiosity, acceptance of client)

o reported decreased burnout (Maslach Burnout Inventory)

FAN Trained Home Visiting Supervisors

  • Support home visitors around matching their interactions based on
    parents’ cues
    • Help home visitors recognize and regulate their own feelings during visits
    • Manage their own emotions during supervision
    • Talk less and use more open-ended questions

Researchers at Erikson and University of Illinois-Chicago found that Pediatric residents trained in the FAN

  • Were more empathic with families
    • More aware of their own reactions
    • More able to get to the “real problem” quicker and collaborate to
    find solutions
    • More satisfied with their communication with parents

This Training is followed by three 3-hour clinical sessions when participants come together in smaller groups to apply the FAN approach to their own clinical material. At the completion of these sessions, training participants are certified as level II FAN Practitioners by the Erikson  Institute, Chicago, Illinois. After certification as a level II FAN Practitioner, participants whose practice includes supervision and consultation, will be eligible to learn the use of the Supervisor FAN.

The Trainer for this training is Mary Claire Heffron Ph.D. Dr. Heffron is Medical Staff Emeritus at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Ca. A Certified FAN trainer with the Erikson Institute, and a Fulbright Scholar at Babes-Bolyai University.

Trainingul va fi sustinut in limba engleza. Nu va fi asigurata traducere.

Trainingul este in curs de acreditare la CPR.

Taxă de participare: 300 lei

Locuri limitate: 30

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